Rural Energy and Development Initiative (REDI) commenced its activities in the January of 2005 but became officially established in December, 2006 under NGO Bureau Affairs (Registration # 2170), Bangladesh. It is a non-profit, non-political and a non-government organization, which assists vulnerable people with the various challenges of climate change. REDI seeks to introduce renewable energy for the benefit of education, health and wellbeing of the poor people.


About us

REDI is currently engaged in ongoing solar electrification work along the southern coast of Bangladesh, which is an area with a very high risk of natural calamities. REDI is trying to bring modern lighting to many remote homes and computers to many remote schools as well as water pumping and vaccine refrigeration for the clinics. Solar home systems (SHS’s) are currently being designed and installed, and made available through micro-financing, in addition to the special provisions that are needed to serve the low-income families, in these remote villages, which would not otherwise be able to afford solar power.






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